Hache Season 2

Hache Season 2

Verónica Fernandes created a crime drama series called “Hache” and it was released on Netflix last year. And it did surprisingly well. Spain is a country where some of the best shows for Netflix has been developed. Series like Money Heist or Elite has gotten critical acclaim. This series counted as a push for viewership in the Spanish market and the show was well-received by the audience. Jorge Torregrossa and Fernando Trullois directed the Spanish thriller, which has only one season for now. The first season has 8 episodes with each episode stretching for about 50 minutes.

What is the show about?

The show is based on the Barcelona of the 60s. It follows Helena, a prostitute, as she navigates through the world of drug trafficking. She ends up being a favorite of Malpica, a violent man who also happens to be a powerful organized crime head. Helena, also known as Hache, is a headstrong woman and manages to rise through the ranks of the vicious organization. Fernandes has found the inspiration for her series in actual events. Italian drug dealers used to organize heroin routes through the ports of the Mediterranean (Barcelona happens to be one of them). The director has focused on the characters more rather than focusing on a specific genre. The story portrays a wild woman who has no limits and viewers are in for a ride.

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When will the next season release?

The show has hit 156 on the IMDb index and even though there are no official statistics of success of the show, its good performance leaves us with hope for season 2. News of its renewal was announced through Twitter. Netflix is expected to give us the new season in November 2020. We will get to see Hache, originally an outsider, as the head of the criminal trade. It is worth the wait.

Cast Of Hache Season 2

• Adriana Ugarte as Helena
• Javier Rey as Malpica
• Eduardo Noriega as Vinuesa
• Maria Salas as Velasco
• Pep Ambros as Senovilla