Hache Season 3

“Hache” is a crime series that follows important events in Barcelona in the 1960s. At the center of the show is Helena, who, under the guidance of her circumstances, enters the world of crime. No one could see that one day he would rise to the top and run a dangerous criminal organization.

The series, designed by Verónica Fernández, will premiere on November 1, 2019. Its strong appearance and the right pace make this series very interesting. The fans are excited and can’t wait to see if the new season is coming soon. This is all we know!

Hache Season 3 Release Date:

The second season of “Hache” will be fully released on Netflix on February 5, 2021. Season 2 consists of six episodes, each lasting 40-47 minutes. For the third season, we found the following. It has not been announced whether the show has been renewed for season 3. However, no doubt the end of the second season could be an option to further develop the property. If the show on Netflix goes well and lights up for the third round, the third season of “Hache” will be released in early 2022.

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Hache Season 3: Cast

Adriana Ugarte plays the title character Helena, also known as Hatcher. Mark Martinez outlines the role of Aristides, Elena’s trusted right-hand man, while Eduardo Noriega plays cop Alejandro Vinuesa who wants to beat him. Other actors in the series are Pep Ambros (Julio Senovila), Marina Salas (Sylvia Velasco), Nuria Prims (Camino), Samuel Viola (Mateo), Anna Moliner (Mirta), Marcel Boras (Ventura), and Misa D’Angelo. (Bianca). If the show gets revived, we can see most of these actors again, except for Pep Ambros and Marcel Boras, because Senovila and Ventura are dying in Season 2.

Plotline Hache Season 3:

In Season 2, Ventura rides a cliff to the point of death when all doors are closed for him. Meanwhile, Helena is in trouble with Luciano, who blames him for Piero’s death. After all, he trusted Helena when he insisted that she had nothing to do with this matter. Luciano even sent him a message warning him of Julio Senovila’s betrayal. He was right because Senovila and Laforette found a way to kill Helena. A gun battle ensued at the Albatros as Helena’s troops took over the duo. As a result, Mateo was injured, but Senovila was killed by Aristides.

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As the show resumes for its third season, we can see Helena’s story continue. With Luciano by his side, will he be able to solidify his position as head of the heroin business in Barcelona? Matteo seems to have a taste of what it means to be in Elena’s world already, so we can see that he continues to be with his sister.