HameFura Season 2

HameFura is originally a Japanese light novel series that is adapted into an anime. Satoru Yamaguchi has written the novels and they are illustrated by Nami Hidaka. Silver Link has adapted the novels into an anime with the same name and the anime has made its debut from April of this year.

Keisuke Inoue has directed the series and it is written by Megumi Shimizu. This anime does not have any deep-thinking involved and its characters aren’t that thought-provoking either. It is filled with Otome-game tropes that are probably going to be a bit of a turn off for some anime viewers but the experience, on the whole, is a nice one.

One might have certain doubts going in, but once you are into it is going to be interesting as this anime has a completely new take on Isekai. The main character is a bit different from what the audience is used to seeing. The storyline is also comparatively more colorful and special.

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Will there be a season 2?

Even though this anime is sort of an Isekai, it has still managed to receive good reviews from most of the viewers involved. The first season was released in April of 2020. Fans are already eager for another installment of the anime. One of the factors that will influence its return is the availability of the material content. Fortunately, keeping the light novels in mind, there is enough story to cover for two more seasons if the creators are on board.

The good news for the fans is that the anime has been renewed for the second season.  But the exact date of release is not known yet. According to the official reports, the second season of “My Next Life As A Villainess” will reach our screen s sometime during next year.

What about non-Japanese fans?

Not to worry, because there are amazing English dubs available for fans who do not understand Japanese. Original Japanese audio is also available on Crunchyroll with the English subtitles.