Hanna Season 3

Hanna is an American action and drama web television series. Sarah Adina Smith is the director of the show. The series released on March 29, 2019, on Amazon Prime Videos. The show Hanna is the adaptation of the movie Hanna (2011). Unlike the film, the series received mixed reviews from the critics. It received an approval rating of 67% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the mixed reviews, the show managed to gain traction due to viewership and fanbase from the movie.

The creators of the show renewed the show for another season. The second season of Hanna released on July 3, 2020. The second season of the show consists of eight chapters. In this article, we will focus on the production of the third season. Along with all the details of the show, Hanna.


The show revolves around the protagonist of the story, Hanna. Hanna is a 15-year-old girl. She lives with Erik Heller. Erik is the only person she knows. As an infant, Hanna was the part of original UTRAX program. CIA operative, Erik saves her. Since then she is living with her. Erik trains her and raises her as her own.

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In the operation, the children got infused with 3% DNA of wolves. The program aimed at creating super soldiers. Erik falls in love with Hanna’s mother, Johanna. He then decides to rescue Hanna from the program. Marissa, then orders to shut down the program and kill all the infants. 

Season 3:

The show received mixed reviews from the critics. Despite this, the show managed to gain traction over time and became one of the most famous shows. The second season of the show released on July 3, 2020. The creators have renewed the show for the third season. Though, official dates of the release are yet to come.

We are expecting the third season to come by early 2021.


  • Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna
  • Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler
  • Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller
  • Noah Taylor as Dr. Roland Kunek
  • Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael
  • Khalid Abdalla as Jerome Sawyer
  • Justin Salinger as Carl Meisner 
  • Andy Nyman as Jacobs
  • Anthony Welsh as Leo Garner
  • Cherrelle Skeete as Terri Miller 
  • Katie Clarkson Hill as Joanne McCoy