Harley Quinn Season 2

The first season of the animated series of Harley Quinn was released late last year. And DC Universe has released the second season in April. The series focuses on the titular character, Harley Quinn, as she goes on adventures with her crew of villains. The show has shifted to HBO Max in the month of August and everyone has applauded this decision. Due to this move, it is all but confirmed that the third season is happening. But the second season of Harley Quinn has ended about two months ago, and there is no news yet about whether the show will continue or not. But there is still hop because the series has not been canceled yet. On top of that, the Suicide Squad director and the creator of Spartacus has amped up the show on social media. That does not confirm another season but fans can keep on hoping.

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Has the show been renewed?

The show has not been renewed yet. The creators of the shows don’t seem to know why. The show also has a good international presence so it is reasonable to assume it’s renewal. The fans can consider the case of the show named “Doom Control” which is a similar DC Universe show. It has been renewed for another season after making the shift to HBO Max. So, that could be the case for Harley Quinn too. In a funny Ask Harley segment, Harley has proclaimed that the show is cheap to make. Even though Harley is not quite sure about the third season, it might as well happen.

What is the release date of Harley Quinn?

If the show is renewed quickly, the third season of the show may be released next year. If that doesn’t happen, Harley Quinn may be present with the third installment in early 2022. The gap between the first and the second seasons was about a couple of months. But, the reason was that the show had already gotten the order of a 26-episode season. The fans still have to wait for the show to be renewed first.