Hate By Dani Rovira (2021)

The stand-up comedy “Hate by Danny Rovira” was written and illustrated by Dani Rovira himself. Its Spanish name is Dani Rovira Odia and will appear on Netflix on February 12 this year

Brief Description:

The show by Dani Rovira is a Uncensored monologue on today’s civilization. Dani Rovira’s special 60-minute show consisting of a monologue in which he presents his most honest and dishonest approach to humanity today, without a filter on the table. After you finish it, only two things can happen: you will either love it or hate it forever. But one thing is certain: one way or another, there’s bound to be laughter.

Netflix Dani Rovira of his hometown Malaga reflects on the senseless hatred of these happy, unfiltered comedy people.

Execution time:

Show duration 1 hour 22 minutes. Coming February 12
Entertainer and comedian Dani Rovira earned the Goya Award for Best New Actor in 2015 for his position in The Spanish Affair.

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Publication date:

• Spanish-12 February 2021
• Singapore- 12 February 2021(Internet)
• Turkey- 12 February 2021 (Internet)
• Language-Spaniard
• Country of origin- Spanish

Department of Sound:

The sound in the show Hate By Dani Rovira was given by 3 amazing people. Which includes
• Pelayo Gutierrez- Voice guidance
• Anna Belen Martin- Post-production sound
• Alberto Ovejero- rewritable mixer

• Produced By:

Dani Rovira himself is the producer.

• Cast:

Dani Rovira himself is the cast.

• Writing credit:

Writing Credit also goes to Dani Rovira. As he himself wrote this Stan-up comedy.

About Dani Rovira:

Dani Rovira was born as Daniel Rovira de Rivas on November 1, 1980 in Malaga, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. He is a well-known actor and writer for Spanish Affair (2014), 100 Meters (2016) and Taxi to the Treasure Rock (2019).
• Genre Of Hate By Dani Rovira
Spanish, stand-up comedy, comedy
• With- Dani Rovira