Heat Prequel, or Sequel

Heat is an American crime action film that was released in 1995. It was directed and produced by Michael Mann, starring major movie stars of the era, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer, and Robert De Nero. The movie was well-received by the critics and the audience, grossing $67 million in the USA alone and over $187 million worldwide.

The story of Heat is based on true story Neil McCauley who was tracked down by detective Chuck Adamson in 1964.
On rotten tomatoes, the Heat still boasts a score of 86% positive rating. A video game was also proposed to be designed based on the story of Heat for PS3 but it could not go anywhere as Gearbox, (the game developing company) did not have any license to develop the game off the movie’s story.

Heat Prequel, or Sequel
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The story is based on the true story of Neil McCauley who along with his crew member prepares for a heist of robbing $1.6 million in bonds from an armored car. One of the guards is killed by one of the robbing crew and another guard gets shot while he was reaching for his weapon.

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After killing two guards, McCauley orders to kill the third guard as well so that there is no eye-witness left of the heist. The police get on the crew as they start to gather heat. Regardless of which McCauley plans to carry out one last heist.

Will there be a prequel or a sequel?

Since 2016, the director and producer Michael Hann have been hinting of a Prequel novel of “Heat”. During a project, Hann revealed that he wants to turn that manuscript into 3 parts of Heat, including a prequel and a sequel of 1995 Heat.
However, an intriguing question arises of the casting of the prequel and the sequel. There is no way the people are going to like VFX on the original cast of the movie, given their age to act on the two parts, and nobody can think of another “Heat” saga with a different cast than original. There has been no update on the release date and we can neither predict as well.