High Fidelity Season 2

Nick Hornby had written a novel called “High Fidelity” back in1995, which was popular enough to sell over a million copies. Now, the plot of the story has been adapted into an American romantic series with the same name.

This is a relatively new show, with the first season airing on 14th February 2020, and already fans are eager for the next installment! The show is developed by Veronica West and Srah Kucsrka. Zoe Kravitz has narrated the whole show. We have only one season until now, with ten episodes in total. Each episode is about 26 minutes to half an hour long. The show is produced by the West & Kucserka Midnight Radio company and also ABC Studios. The show was released on Hulu network.

What is the show about?

The show features a record store owner who can be labeled as the ultimate music fan. This person might have the knowledge of pop culture to the point of obsession and knows all about the Top 5 lists. The show takes place in a neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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Will there be a second season?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. As per reports from one of the cast members of High Fidelity, the second season, had it been made, was to be set entirely on the character named “Cherise”. Certainly, this show is shortlived with only one season. But Hulu has already canceled the series. In the first season of High Fidelity was focused on the emotional turmoil of Rob, the record store owner, and her ex-boyfriend Simon. Simon also happened to be her employee.

The cast has said that the show was nowhere near ready to be canceled as it had great ideas and storylines for future plots. The second season would have shown Cheri seas the lead and the episodes would have explores her story and heartbreaks. It would have been interesting for the fans to know about her family background too.  Kravitz has already thanked the fans for watching “High Fidelity” and for giving it so much support.