High Rise Invasion Season 2

Developed by animation studio Zero-G, High-Rise Invasion is an addictive anime that features a deadly game in an “abnormal room” that looks like a big city with skyscrapers connected by suspension bridges. This anime follows Yuri Honjo, a student who suddenly discovers that she has been transferred to this strange realm. Now she must do everything possible to protect herself from the masked figure as she searches for her brother Rick, who is also being transported to the kingdom.

Upon its release, the series received positive reviews, with critics praising the show for its fresh animation and unpredictable plot. There are already significant rumors about a possible Season 2.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date:

The first season of “High-Rise Invasion” premieres on Netflix on February 25, 2021. Directed by Masahiro Takata and screenplay: Tōko Machida. Regarding the second season, neither Netflix nor the show producers released a statement regarding the second-grade season of “High-Rise Invasion”. However, Japanese animation has always been treated positively by the streaming giant. Over the years, Netflix has produced numerous anime shows, some of which have gone on to enjoy multi-year tracks on the service.

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“High-Rise Invasion” is a complete manga and has sufficient source material for the anime to last several seasons. 


Season 1 of High Invasion ends with Yuri and the Allies winning over the masks sent by Mamoru Aikawa. Yuri defeated her swimming mask before sealing the Archangel’s abilities and used her newly opened manipulation skills to bring her under her control to be closer to God. Elsewhere, Mamoru discovers that Rika and Yuri are brothers and sisters and finally manages to elicit an emotional response from the former when Mamoru threatens the latter. The episode ends with Yuri declaring that she will find her brother and destroy this kingdom of hell.
In season 2, Rick’s search can continue. Yuri can discover new skills. Game managers and administrators may also appear next season.