His Dark Materials Season 2

The H.B.O drama series His Dark Materials is based on Philip Pullman’s bestselling fiction trilogy of the same name including Northern Lights, better known as The Golden Compass in the continent of North America, The Subtle Knife (1997), and The Amber Spyglass (2000) Released in late 2019 first in Great Britain and then worldwide, the series soon garnered international attention and was welcomed with open hands as a Christmas treat from the British production company of Bad Wolf and New Line Productions, by fantasy and historical fiction fans.

Cast: Who plays what?

Starring then Logan actressDafne Keen as LyraSilvertongue, the protagonist orphan who is raised in the Oxford University, London, Ruth Wilson, famed for her role as Alice Morgan in the BBC psychological crime drama Luther, playing the role of Marisa Coulter, Lyra’s mother from Lord Asriel, an explorer, and powerful figure at the Magisterium, American actor Charles Peters as The Mater of Jordon College and Lewin Lloyd as Roger Parslow, who is Lyra’s best friend and the one to rescue whom Lyra begins her adventure to the icy North.

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Release: Yet to be confirmed!

Officially there has been no announcement made yet and the H.B.O. the website still flashes a “Coming Soon” under the His Dark Materials Season 2 banner. According to Digital Spy, a US-based website, “all eight episodes of the second season have already been filmed, so it seems very likely that His Dark Materials will return by the end of 2020 at the very latest”

Associated theories:

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays the character of Lee Scoresby on the show, shared a video on her Twitter handle with the caption: “That’s a season 2 wrap on Lee Scoresby & Hester!”. In the video, the entire crew can be seen clapping and cheering for what seems the completion of the shooting of all eight episodes of the second season as well.The second season of the series is expected to begin exactly where the first season ended, in a trademark Philip Pollman fashion and there seems to be no alteration in the caste. The second season would definitely throw some light on the future of Lyra and Pan, answers whether James McAvoy would continue to model the best knitwear that money can buy and will finally remove curtains off the Subtle Knife.