Hoops Season 2


The Netflix animated series Hoops features Jake Johnson’s voice as a high school basketball coach. The Hoops first season was full of lewd words and rebellious characters, but basketball elements brought something new to Netflix subscribers and complimented the NBA season. So, will there be Hoops Season 2? Based on previous reviews, Netflix seems to want something more than the secondary humor it offers. Season 1 of The Hoops concentrates on Ben Hopkins, a basketball educator at Lenwood High School, Kentucky. Like many hot coaches, he plays during matches and talks to referees about rubbish.

At school, Ben used lewd words in almost every situation. It’s clear that Ben has some personal issues to solve and that basketball is a temporary break from everything bad in his life. Hoops season 1 star Ron Fitch as Ben Ron’s best friend and Natasha Ledgero as Ben Shannon’s wife, who is openly romantic. At the end of season one, Ben tells everyone about his recent sexual encounter with Shannon. The constant praise brings bad news to coach Lenwood High and defines the final moments of the episode when Ben decides to look for new opportunities. Here’s everything we know about Netflix Season 2 Hoops so far.

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Hoops Season 2 Release Information

Netflix has not yet ordered Hoops Season 2. The adult sitcom will make its full debut on August 21, 2020. As such, the streaming service is expected to make a decision about the future of the series in October after reviewing broadcast dates and ratings. Critics are definitely not impressed by Hoops’ Season 1, but adult cartoons with mischievous protagonists who aren’t afraid to talk often find audiences so Hoops could still be a hit. In this case, the second season of the Hoops is expected to appear in the summer or fall of 2021.

Hoops season 2 details

The Hoops’ first season ended with Ben Henderson taking over Prep. He won the job, not because of his performance at work, but because he managed to convince seven-year-old mother Matty (AD Miles) that her son should move to a more prestigious school and play around. At Lenwood High, Ben announces his decision to leave and then hangs up his jacket to mark his legacy. Only to find out he left his car keys in his jacket pocket. Later, Ben meets his players which causes a human blockade on the road. The coach’s car then broke down, which seemed to mean his future at Henderson Prep. If Netflix keeps ordering Season 2 Hoops, Ben will have to spiral out of control with his hug and lack of confidence. With the supporting cast in Hoops season 1 mostly Lenwood High basketball players, it looks like Ben will somehow come home, ala Ben Affleck, Jack Cunningham on The Way Back and try to start over with Shannon.