Hotel Transylvania Season 4

Todd Durham has created the movie franchise Hotel Transylvania. The franchise has three movies, two graphic novels, and even two short films under its belt. There is also a tv series made after Hotel Transylvania. The story is about a man named Jonathan, who, despite being a human, falls in love with Mavis. Unfortunately, Mavis is no ordinary girl, she happens to be the daughter of Dracula. As expected the Dracula doesn’t take kindly to this development, and so tris to keep the young couple apart. The first movie of the franchise came out in 2012.

The second movie came out a few years later in 2015. In this movie, the audience gets to see the half human-half vampire son of Mavis and Johnny. When Dracula finds out that his grandson does not have any vampire abilities to speak of, he seeks help from his friends to turn him into a vampire.  The matters get complicated when Vlad, who is Dracula’s father, shows up. The third film deviates from the previous two films as it is the movie which doesn’t take place in the hotel. In this one, Dracula falls in love with Ericka. But Ericka is also from the family of Van Helsing, the monster hunter.

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Will there be a fourth movie?

Yes, thankfully for the fans, there will be the fourth installment. The three films were a huge success and the creators went ahead with filming the fourth movie. Even though the movies are basically comedy films, it also follows a heartwarming storyline. The amazing animation also is an important factor for its success. The fourth movie will start from the ending events of the third one. The last movie was released back in July of 2018. The movies collectively have had mixed reviews but they are a huge commercial success. They have grossed $1.5 billion globally.

When will the fourth movie be released?

As per reports, the fourth installment will be released next year, in December to be precise. But, there is also a possibility of the movie being released before December. The film might be released early in August 2021.