'Houseki no Kuni' Season 2

A closer look at the plot!

Houseki No Kuni or Land of the Lustrous is a Japanese manga franchise, composed and outlined by Haruko Ichikawa and distributed from 2012 onwards. The story revolves around a new life form called Gems, in a mystical future, inhabits a planet devastated by six meteors, leaving only a beach surrounded by the ocean.

The 28 active Gems have to fight back against the deadly Lunarians who are trying to turn the decorations into Gems. In their group, all Gems are assigned a particular role to play, such as warrior, medic, weapons-smith, etc. Though they plan to fight against the Lunar, Phosphophyllite, or Phos, is a Gem who is not allocated because of their lack of expertise until the chief of the Gems, Kongo Sensei, asks them to create a natural history encyclopedia. Phos is trying to pursue a more interesting role than their already scheduled one, but she winds up getting over her head.  

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All the new updates! 

Have you seen the Houseki no Kuni mystery anime series? The anime thriller was grateful to the audience’s response to the series. The anime is by the mystery artist Haruko Ichikawa, the fans are looking forward to the next race after their first appearance. 

Will there be another season?

It’s been a while since we have received any latest information from the anime thriller office, and fans are very meticulous about next season. Subsequently, a wonderful chance has now passed to see some of the replies from their officers. Production firms and program executives are resistant to the redesign of the second part of the thriller. One of the key reasons for deferrals is the scarcity of source content. The manga thriller is now running and has been published as of today in ten editions. Given this, it has been delayed due to the latest outbreak.

Date of official launch?

The resumption of the production house and the official information has not yet been confirmed. There is a strong possibility, though, that the anime will get the next race and be able to liberate the fans. As this sort of series is going to take longer. For now, we can predict the suspense series to start at the end of 2021 or the fans in 2022. For now, though there’s no teaser out of season 2. We are hoping the season 2 promo of the show is launched before the release dates.