Hunter x Hunter Season 5

Hunter x Hunter is a fantasy and action Japanese anime series. It is the adaptation of the Japanese manga, Hunter x Hunter. Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the director of the anime series. Hunter x Hunter (anime) released originally on October 16, 1999. The show later released its second season on April 24, 2012.  The story also received videogame adaptation. Bandai and Konami released almost 10 titles under the Hunter x Hunter series. Apart from this, the story received several spin-offs including a musical theatre play.

Hunter x Hunter Plot:

The story features some elite members of the society, who track down hidden treasures, and valuable bounty. Hunters are these elite members. The license for becoming a hunter is not easy. To become a hunter, one has to undergo vigorous training and annual Hunting Examinations. Gon Freecss is the protagonist of the story. He is a young boy who knows nothing about his parents. Kite, an apprentice of his father Ging Freecss tells Gon that his parents are alive. Then, he decides to become a successful hunter, just like his father.

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Gon leaves his home to take the annual Hunter Examinations. The series is about Gon’s struggle in finding his father. He comes across numerous adventures and incidents. The show no doubt maintained a very loyal fan base, since 1999. With the second part, released in 2011, the fans are wondering if there will be the third part of the show or not!

Hunter x Hunter Season 5 Updates:

The OTT streaming platform Netflix acquired the streaming rights of the show. The producers released, the first episodes in 2018.  However, there is no confirmation on the release of the fifth season yet. But, the story is not complete yet. This concretes the fact that season 5 is on the way. We can expect the fifth season to come around in the fall, 2021.

Hunter x Hunter Cast/Voice:

Mitsuhashi, Kanako as Zoldyck, Killua

Takeuchi, Junko as Freecss, Gon

Kaida, Yuki as Kurapika

Gouda, Hozumi as Paladiknight, Leorio

Takahashi, Hiroki as Morow, Hisoka

Nagano, Yoshikazu as Lucifer, Chrollo

Tobayama, Bunmei as Netero, Isaac

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Hibino, Akari as Pohtoh, Feitan

Kishi, Yuuji as Kite

Takano, Urara as Zoldyck, Illumi