I Am Not Okay With This season 2

The supernatural dramedy ‘I Am Not Okay’, will there be a second season? Netflix didn’t ensure the renewal simply nonetheless, however, propped a reasonably smart probability of its come back. It’s featured in lots of Netflix’s prime ten lists within the North American nation and the UK since launch, however, it is also captured the imaginations of Tumblr and Twitter users. Next season will dig deeper into Sydney’s powers and looks how she learns to optimise them. We might also be able to realise the relationship of Sydney with Dina and how Stanley gets affected.

Release Date:

As per sources, the show isn’t been renewed yet, but if it comes back for ‘Season 2’, we can probably expect it at over similar time in 2021.


The forged for I’m Not Okay With This Season two can embody all of the actors from its previous seasons. This means the favourites like Sophia Lillis as ‘state capital’, Wyatt Oleff as ‘Stanley Barber’, national capital Bryant as Dina can doubtless be showing this new instalment. With them, Kathleen Rose Perkins and Aidan Wojtak-Hissong are expected to seem for this new instalment. However, we tend to don’t apprehend whether or not there can be any new faces showing for this season or not!

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Plot and how last season ended?

Last season for the series all over a cliffhanger showing that there would be a chance for the second season for the series. I Am Not Okay With This’ Season one all over up showing that state capital maintaining a correct diary within which she writes concerning her feelings and each thing that happens every day! however, as time goes on, she finds that her diary is missing within which she wrote concerning her powers still. Also, we tend to saw that state capital was making an attempt to be a traditional child and endure her superpowers while not pain anyone. She additionally told Dina concerning however Bradley was cheating on her, by this, she makes his head come away and starts running into the woods that is roofed with blood with a black shadow following her. Then, once Syd asks the shadow if she must be afraid that shadow.