Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Makota receives a call from Rei and informs him that he cannot find Shadow’s video on the central supercomputer. He had just heard rumors from the police about his whereabouts. Among the rumors, there is only one very reliable statement. Shadow is not a group, it is just a person and that surprises Makota. Rei added that reports have been received on the safety of youth and society. Rei appears to have more problems in the future and warned Makota not to do anything dangerous.

Makota hangs up, calls King, and tells him that he cannot call and that he is not a child to worry about. He started acting and met Crow. They were worried that King would not answer their calls. And Makoto asked Crow if he had ever spoken to Hiroto. Crow said yes, but Hee Toro said it doesn’t matter if Shadow is an individual or a group. Makoto says that Raven calls Hiroto again and says that Shadow acted alone.

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Release Date

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 8 will air on November 24, 2020 (Tuesday) at 9:00 pm (Japan Standard Time). This animation publishes the latest issues every Tuesday. Be careful as you continue. Watch this animation officially on Funimation. Let’s see in the next update.

Recap Of Chapter 7

Makoto says he should tell him not to do anything wrong until Crow finds the culprit in the attack on the G-Boys. Crow went out and called Hiroto, and Makoto asked why Hiroto could speak to him directly. He wondered if Hiroto considered himself king. Makoto called Sarah and asked if she had found anything about shadows. Sarah finds the people who hired Shadow and reveals that this is an organization. He is known as Maruken Sugyo of North Kanto, a flagship company of Mars Enterprises.

They were going to play against Ikebukuro, who said that the attackers on Hiroto’s group used this shadow name. Perhaps Mars is behind this attack. When the conversation with Sarah ended, a man in a rabbit mask appeared and aimed a knife at Makoto’s neck. The man threatens Makoto to destroy G-Boy and seize power.
Makoto says he would be wrong if he thought he could beat the G-Boys so easily. The man gripped the knife and grabbed Makoto’s neck. Makoto fell asleep. But the camera was recording everything in the store. A crow appears and wakes Makoto up. Makota informs everyone that he was attacked by a masked man, and the director says it will be useful for their films.

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Preview of Chapter 8

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