Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 7

When Makoto rents out a cd, Makoto shoots a film into a store, but can not get the line right. A gang wearing a bunny mask was beaten to death yesterday by a group of an unknown gang. He is also the owner of the rental business and Toshiaki is the director of the film. Makoto is worried that Toshiaki will act, they make six scenes and they will break. He is worried. Makoto went out to the G-Boys gang that likes films with Crow. They play in the same film and Crow gives Makoto a drink.

When will Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 7 premiere?

The 7th episode of Ikebukuro West Gate Park is due to be released at 9:00 p.m. JST on Tuesday 17 November 2020 and will be launched on Tuesday. This post can include spoilers when you proceed with the coming episode. Officially, watch this Funimation Anime. Let’s look at the following updates.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 6: Recap

Makoto thinks that in the G-Boys gang, a team called Shadow exists and Crow says no such team exists. Crow reveals that the king may have launched the attack. Hiroto said. Makoto can not believe his boss can, and Crow adds that for a while, Hiroto has a grinding Ax with King. Hiroto would like to take the place of King one day. King noticed and he attacked Hiroto as a warning and the filmmaker was coming to tell him to ready.

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After they finish shooting the movie Makoto said he will talk to King. In the meantime, the masked animal gang visited the bar and again attacked another gang. Crow tells Ma at the shop.

Makoto told him that he was called King, but he wasn’t collecting and Crow said that he wanted to meet Makoto. Makoto left with the goal of ending the ongoing war. He met Saru who told him the Shadow truth. Saru told Makoto he would not die until he paid his 5oo yen debt when he was young for his homework.

Later Makoto met Hitori and told him that he should not do anything before he found the Shadow truth. Hitori said he wouldn’t keep quiet if his team is attacked again. Hiroto’s team was again attacked sometime later and he met Makoto and King. King is trying to explain that somebody’s hugging them. Starting today Hiroto has said that he isn’t part of the G-Boys Gang anymore, he’s going to do something of his own.