I'm Standing On The Million Lives

“I’m standing on the million lives,” told us Yotsuya’s story. Having moved from small town to town, he was lonely and hated this town. One day he finds himself in another world with two of his classmates. Now he must work with them to overcome this problem. What will Yotsuya do now? Well, fans are eagerly awaiting the new episodes. To find out more about your favorite anime, check out more about Spoiler.


After being deceived by Yotsuya’s team, Kimilto remembered his promise to bring his Majesty heretics of foreign religions. Unsuccessfully, he worries about how to meet His Majesty, and the soldiers try to console him that there is still a difference.
Kimilto sent a report to the king using a flying bird. He worried about how the king would punish them for talking about unfortunate failures. Kimilto relaxes more comfortably by looking back. He noticed that the soldier’s neck was bleeding. When the soldier fell, Kahvel appeared in front of him. He says he will punish him. Kimilto was surprised to learn that Kahvel was still alive and everything was a lie.

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Release Date

A new episode 9 representing a million lives was aired on Friday, November 27, 2020. All-new episodes are released every Friday. Keep Webbies World Scrolling up-to-date for future updates.

Plotline For Episode 9

Kahvel told him to fight with the sword, and Kimilto was blinded by capturing the Axis forces. When he attacks, Kahvel reveals that it was his husband who was burned earlier. And the heretics are alive and well. Kimilto jumped up and fired the last shot, but Kahvel quickly cut off all of his little arms. Blood screamed on the floor. Cabell drew his second sword and asked what kind of horse it was. Kimilto said he wanted to bring peace to the world and cut his head as he continued to speak. Now Kahvel takes revenge for trying to kill him for Kimilto. But Yotsuya saves him and comes out of his coma.  Meanwhile, the king received word that Kimilto and his soldiers were unable to complete the mission. The king orders powerful strangers to find a way to kill the hero before he becomes a threat. Later characters are ready to protect innocent citizens. The next day, Yostuya trains with Kahvel and meets a farmer who wants to go with them.

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Where To Watch??

They’re catching up with the latest episodes of the anime as soon as they hit Crunchyroll and Netflix. You can also read comics if you like on Kodansha Comics.