Impact of Murder Season 2

Investigation Discovery has created a new show to keep its audience on its toes. The thrilling series is named “Impact of Murder”. This series taking place from a different perspective than other shows, it is putting the victim at the center. The victim’s very own words have a different impact on the viewers and that upholds the true significance of the life that was snatched away.

This series will lead you to release the true collateral damage and impact of murder. These hideous crimes leave the repercussions in society for the longest time. The victim’s statement at the court is the main strategic storytelling method this show employs. And it works in giving the series a gut-wrenching vibe. This is an excellent show that can motivate people to stand up against their abusers.

Will there be a season 2?

Yes, there will be another season in addition to the first season. Investigation Discovery has come back with another installment of the brilliant series “Impact of Murder”. The upcoming season will have six episodes. The second season will delve into stories of domestic abuse and racial injustice. There will even be time devoted to a story of wrongful conviction.

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When will the second season come out?

The good news is, “Impacts of Murder” is currently airing the episodes of the second season at the time of writing this article. To date, two episodes have been released. The first episode of the second season is called “The Ballad of Botham Jean” and it was released on 10th September of 2020. The title of the second episode of the new season is “Stolen Dreams”. It aired on 17th September.

What is the story about?

In the very first episode, “Impacts of Murder” tells the story of Botham Jean, a black accountant, who dreamed of being the prime minister one day. But his dream was never achieved as he was shot in his home by a female officer in 2018. This white police officer was off duty at the moment. The second episode deals with the attempted murder of a woman in Longmont.