Impossible Engineering Season 8

Impossible Engineering Season 8

Impossible Engineering is a science documentary shown on the Science Channel. It is truly illuminating for all science enthusiasts. Each episode lasts for about less than an hour. We have 7 seasons until now. The show has had different directors for various episodes.

What is it about?

In modern times, technology plays an irreplaceable and impactful role in our lives. Everyone demands are stressed on more efficiency, ease, and speed. Engineering will have to keep up with the demands and changes in the industry. The show gives a platform to present all the incredible innovations and their working mechanisms. Modern engineering shapes our present as well as the future. The show is about gravity-defying skyscrapers and floating railway bridges and various other mind-blowing structures. Behind these structures lies the sacrifice and ideas of the engineers of previous years. They made these impossible achievements attainable. The Impossible Engineering show can be regarded as a tribute to them. The show keeps the viewers entertained by informing them about how warships and space crafts work. As the series jumps back in time to show the stories of the engineers who made all these possible, the audience gets a glimpse of the history behind modern creations.
Season 7 led with its first episode devoted to the manmade islands of Dubai. Cutting edge technology has managed to turn the Arabian Sea into expensive real estate. The last episode ( episode 8 of season 7) illustrated how engineering could help in mew construction methods to keep a busy ski-resort safe from avalanches.

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Is it renewed?

Yes, the Impossible Engineering series will continue. There will be a new season 8.

When will it come out?

The eighth season will be released on 15th July 2020. The wait is almost over. It will be shown at 9 pm on the Science Channel. It will be followed by the premiere of “Super Factories” at 10 Pm.

The cast

The cast of “Impossible Engineering” always consisted of different engineers for every episode as per requirement. Mike Bratton has been the narrator of the series. Also, Rhys Morgan, who is the Director of Education, Royal Academy of Engineering, has made several appearances in the series.