Recently the internet has been flooded with memes of the Indian Matchmaking series. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the reality show and its contestants. It is a Netflix series that was filmed over a year and now has reached unprecedented levels of success. The show features a Mumbai-based matchmaker who caters to both Indian and foreign clients who want a match. Throughout season 1 the audiences saw Sima Taparia work through her databases trying to find a partner for her clients. The show was kind of a guilty pleasure for the audience and most of the viewers binged it all at one time. The fans who have completed the entire first season are naturally curious about the second installment. Smriti Mundhra has created the show and she would have a say in whether season 2 gets made or not.

The first season reached its end with a lot of loose ends. It was not shown explicitly whether the clients got their happy ending or not. The ending of the season on had a lot of uncertainty and fans are hoping for answers. Netflix has not announced anything regarding the second season of the Indian Matchmaking show. There are some rumors though. These sources have said that it is possible that some parts of the second installment have already been filmed. The fans of Indian Matchmaking will know that the first season of the show featured many FaceTime dates. So, the next season might use this for filming remotely.

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What is going to happen in season 2?

The director of the show, Smriti Mundhra, has expressed her opinion already. The cast of the first part of Indian Matchmaking was mainly Indian and the director wants a more diverse cast when the second part happens. It might not even be centered around Indians then. Taking her statement into account, season 2 of Indian Matchmaking might be possible. The first season of the show came out in July and there is no news about season 2 release date as of now. The first season had eight episodes, the second one might have eight too.