insatiable season 3

Lauren Gussis, the American writer and producer who is famous for his work on the TV show Dexter, has created a dark-comedy series called “ Insatiable”. The show draws inspiration from an article called “The Pageant King Of Alabama”, which appeared in the New York Times. The first season was premiered on Netflix on 10th August 2018. The show was popular enough to earn a renewal for a second season.  The second part came out on 11th October 2019.

What is the plot of the series?

The show is centered around a girl called Patty Blasdell. When she was a teenager, she was often bullied for being overweight. One summer vacation, Patty goes through a traumatic experience with a homeless man, and as a result, she was restricted to a liquid diet for three months at a stretch. The diet made her thin, and she feels that this is the right time to seek revenge from her bullies. But life has other plans fr her. A beauty pageant coach deems her perfect to be a beauty queen.

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What was the controversy about?

Before the release of the show “Insatiable”, people were against the making of the show. Some viewers were concerned that the show might e used as a platform to promote fat-shaming. Almost 1000 people signed a petition for the cancellation of the show. However, creator Lauren Gussis insists that the show is also based on some of her life experiences. Some say that the series is not aiming to fat-shame Patty, but the show is instead depicted her trauma through humor. The reviews for the show were not great on Rotten Tomatoes, as it only had earned an 11% approval rate. It is safe to say that the show has a lot of negativity associated with it. Some audiences also accused it of portraying the LGBTQ community in a bad light.

What about season 3?

Fortunately, Netflix seems to have considered the voice of the audience. The streaming giant has canceled the show after two seasons and there will be no season 3 of “Insatiable”.

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