Inside the world's toughest prisons Season 4

Inside the world’s toughest prisons Season 4

Emporium Productions produced a documentary series called Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons. It has three seasons till now, with the first season presented by Paul Connolly and the other two seasons are handled by Raphael Rowe. We have 12 episodes in total. The hosts of the show give the viewers a chance to look inside the toughest prison systems around the world. The living conditions of the inmates as well as the lives of the guards are very interesting to watch.

What is the show about?

In the first season, Connolly takes the viewers to Honduras, Poland, Mexico, and the Philippines. Each prison system has distinguishing features and it is an eye-opening experience for the audience. The second season has Rowe spending his days both as a guard and as a prisoner in a penitentiary in Brazil. It is unnerving to see the threats of violence and riots between the gangs. The basis of this show is very interesting but the history of the host Rowe is even more so. Rowe has himself served a few years in prison for murder. He was released in 2000 and still claims that he didn’t commit the crime in the first place. This docuseries by Netflix is a great choice for someone interested in finding the troublesome prison systems in different countries.

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When will Season 4 be here?

Season 3 reached our screens on 18th December 2018 on Netflix. After waiting for so many months the viewers will get to see the new season on 29th July on Netflix.

Who will be in it?

Raphael Rowe will still act as the presenter in the new season. He is expected to take viewers inside the horrifying prisons of Paraguay, Germany, Mauritius, and many more. Just wait a few more days to see Rowe go behind the bars of some of the most notorious prisons in the world. The show has been quite a favorite for the audience in general, and hopefully, Season 4 will not disappoint them.