Iwa Kakeru Sports Climbing Girls Episode 7

With three shots in a row, Konomi surprises everyone. This performance is sufficiently good for the final round. Ooba’s sure she’s no match in climbing for Konomi. Jun and Captain Sayo are preparing their turns in the meantime. How are the semi-finals going to be? Will they all be all three in the last round? The latest updates for this episode are provided for you.

When will Episode 7 premiere?

Iwa Kakeru’s Episode 7! The releases are scheduled for Sunday 15 November 2020. Anime, titled “Wall 7: Climber failure.”

Is Iwa Kakeru on a break?

No, Iwa Kakeru, Iwa Kakeru! Is published in accordance with its schedule. There is no such delay.

What can we expect from Episode 7?

Episode 7 will continue with the Kanto Bouldering Championship’s semi-finals. The twenty climbers who have qualified will compete for the top spot. During this round, the three climbing ladies will do extraordinarily well. In the semi-finals, we will see Jun and Yotsuma. One of the best climbers, probably from Jun, is going to see a failed attempt.

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All about episode 6

We witnessed the Kanto Bouldering Championship’s semifinals in episode 6. Captain Fujita Masumi of St. Right before the semi finale round, Caterno is stressed. Its failures in the past make its abilities doubtful. For Team Hanamiya, Nonoka is here too. But because she did not qualify in the semi-finals, she still feels at ease. Fujimura Asuka rock climbing gym also enthusiastically joins the Hanamiya team. Asuka and Juzo explain the rules and regulations of this round to Kiku in the meantime.

There are three walls, there are five minutes allotted to go up. Meanwhile, followed by a five-minute break. This round tests the analytical abilities of the climber. Konomi takes her time and attempts to analyze the first problem. In just a few months, she surprises everyone with the progress she has made. In contrast, Nijima Matsuhashi High tries several times to go up the same problem; every fall improvises and learns.

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Iwa Kakeru Sports Climbing Girls: Plot

The show follows Konomi Kasahara who during her mid-school days, was a hardcore player. She won different puzzle solving competitions throughout her schooling. Meanwhile, in some other sport, she wants to use her puzzle to resolve the brain. Consequently, the tale begins with a high school climbing club. Kasahara has refined analytical skills and is fascinated with climbing.