Children always seem to have a special bond with animals that evade adults. This happens all over the world and now, an eleven-year-old named Izzy has proved it again. But Izzy’s object of affection is not your standard pet. She seems to have established a connection with a koala. She has confided that it is quite hard to explain. But she claims that when she is with them, it is very calming for her. They also seem to understand her in a way no one else does. Now, her unusual bond will be documented in a Netflix series named “Izzy’s Koala World”. The show will feature her as she strives to help her veterinarian mother and forms a friendship with the koalas.

When will the show be released?

The heartwarming show will be released on 15th September 2020.

Izzy’s mother has repeatedly said that the animals seem to gravitate towards her because as wild animals they seem to prefer the calming presence. Izzy lives in Magnetic Island along with her family. This is situated on the east coast of Australia and it happens to be the habitat of numerous koalas. The koalas rely on eucalyptus trees for food as well as habitat. They are known to fall asleep for 18 to 22 hours a day.

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When these wild animals are in distress and need help, Izzy and her mother offer shelter in their animal sanctuary and when they are healed, they are released back into the wild. Izzy has given interviewed where she has said the latest patient for them was a 14-month-old girl koala. They named her Pumpkin. Most of the koala’s that come to Izzys for care are orphaned and this was the case for little Pumpkin too. She needs considerable help in eating and maturing.

Izzy certainly seems up for the task. She is good at caring for them as she is sure to check on them and feed them every day. Her father has rightly named her the “Koala Whisperer”. The show will offer the audience a chance to see Izzy caring for many koalas like Juliet, Twinkle, and Chompy.