Japan Sinks 2020

Japan Sinks is one of the most anticipated anime series of 2020. The series, Japan Sinks 2020 is an adaptation of a book. Sakyo Komatsu is the writer of the book. The book released in 1973. The name of the book is the same, Japan Sinks: 2020. This the first time that the book, Japan Sinks: 2020  adapted as an anime series. Masaki Yuasa is the director of the series. The animator of the anime is Science Saru.

It is a Sci-fi disaster anime. One of the reasons for the anticipation of this series is maybe because of the situation we all are facing today. Maybe, this series turns out to be relatable to us? Maybe, it is just a coincidence that Sakyo Komatsu wrote a book on disaster, Japan faces in 2020. The website has all the upcoming news about the series. However, you will have to change the language of the website, as it originally is in Japanese. 

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The plot of Japan Sinks: 2020

The story revolves around in a city of Japan in the year 2020. A scientist discovers that Archipelago will sink into the sea after Japan endures earthquakes. This series is about how the continent of Japan is on the brim of sinking in the sea after the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The trailer of Japan Sinks 2020 released a few days back. In the trailer, we can see the protagonist running through the middle of a city that got destroyed by the natural calamities.

Despite everything, more data about the story of Japan Sinks: 2020 is not available before the release of the show. This is the best we could get.

Release Date of Japan Sinks: 2020

The official announcement of the adaption of the book into the anime series was made on October 9, 2019. The book already managed to create a set of a loyal fanbase. These fans are waiting desperately for the manga’s adaptation. The series will be released on June 9, 2020, worldwide, exclusively on Netflix. Till then, the fans have to wait.

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Voice Cast of Japan Sinks: 2020

⦁  Tomomi Muranaka as Go Muto
⦁  Yûko Sasaki as Mari Muto
⦁  Masaki Terasoma as Koichiro Muto
⦁  Reina Ueda as Ayumu Muto