Jenny Rivera Mariposa De Barrio Season 1

An American Biographical telenovela Jenny Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio, la Serie or simply Mariposa de Barrio is founded on the autobiography Unbreakable: My Story, My Way. It will be aired on June 27, 2017, by the American Telemundo television company and will end on November 6, 2017.
On December 15, 2017, the first season of the series will be available on Netflix.


The moving and inspiring story follows Jenny Rivera’s step to fame. Based on her book Unbreakable, an unpublished review that uncovers her autobiographical journey and her family from birth in an unprecedented way and explores her life as a daughter, mother, wife, lover, and artist.

Major Casts

• Angélica Celaya as Jenni Rivera
• Gabriel Porras as Pedro Rivera
• Rosalinda Rodríguez as Rosa Saavedra de Rivera
• Samadhi Zendejas as Jenni Rivera
• Tony Garza as José Trinidad Marín
• Regina Orquín as Jenni Rivera
• Enrique Montaño as Pedro Rivera
• Adrián Carvajal as Pedro Rivera
• Adriano Zendejas as Gustavo Rivera
• Emmanuel Morales as Gustavo Rivera
• Xavier Ruvalcaba as Lupillo Rivera
• Raúl Sandoval as Lupillo Rivera
• Mauricio Novoa as Juan Rivera
• Uriel del Toro as Juan Rivera
• Ana Wolfermann as Rosie Rivera
• Stephanie Arcila as Rosie Rivera
• Vanessa Pose as Chiquis Rivera
• Alma Matrecito as Jackie Rivera
• Pepe Gámez as Juan Manuel López
• Christopher Millán as Fernando Ramírez
• Ricardo Kleinbaum as Esteban Loaiza Vega
• Julio César Otero as Mickey

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In July 2013, a series by Venezuelan writer Rosana Negrin was published based on Jenny Rivera’s autobiography Unbreakable: My Story, My Path. This is the only legal version of Rivera’s life that has been published based on some evidence. From his sister Rosie Rivera’s book “My Broken Parts: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse by Faith, Family, and Love” and “Forgiveness” by his daughter Chikis Rivera 90 episodes were aired.

Where can I watch the entire Mariposa de Barrio episode?

Jenny Rivera: “Mariposa de Barrio” can be streamed on Telemundo for individual episodes or for the entire season. Telemundo You can also watch Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio online on request from Telemundo.

Is Mariposa de Barrio on Netflix?

I’m sorry. Jenny Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio: Season 1 is not available on Netflix in the US, but it can be unlocked and started in the US now! … Jenny Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio: scroll down for more information on the first season of Netflix.