Joker 2

The launch of the film Joker in 2019 shocked the shook entire world with the aid of storm. Its sympathetic portrayal of a man or woman, in any other case so hated, made a big dramatic shift in how people understood villains. Based on the DC Comics individual of the equal name. It provides an original tale exploring why and how the infamous individual turned into his present-self.


With tonnes of accolades and differences at many award functions like Oscar and BAFTA Awards, its recognition for its artistic capability has been cemented. Hence, producers have already started to worry approximately its sequel from fans who want to watch another such film.
After a legitimate affirmation that Joker 2 is in its preliminary stages of improvement got here up at the news, fans are in hypothesis mode that the film should be launched any time soon.

Joker 2 Release Date

However, hold your cigarette; it’s miles not going to be released any soon. With this COVID-19 pandemic, something is going to get behind schedule or postponed indefinitely. A much more viable prediction would be around the time of 2022, hopefully.

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Joker 2 Cast

Joaquin Phoenix hasn’t brushed off the idea of him coming back for a sequel. This could mean that he’s coming back for the iconic position. However, we cannot make certain predictions at the moment.
Also, when asked if the sequel might display Gotham’s superhero, Batman? the position being undertaken by Robert Pattinson recently, the director immediately replied upon the negative note.

Joker 2 Plot and Trailer:

The finale of Joker 2019 showed the Joker’s entire transformation into the villain and him being imprisoned in Arkham State Hospital. It remains to be seen if the sequel might take an extra complicated dig into the wicked crimes he commits.
The sequel may also be painting his upward thrust to turning into the dreaded grasp of the Gotham Underworld. There are many open-ended possibilities, however inside the meantime, since there’s no trailer yet, we can not make approximations on its plot.