Josee The Tiger and The Fish

Anime enthusiasts must know that there is an upcoming anime film called “Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish”. It is the adaptation of an older Japanese film of the same name. The original version was released way back in 2003. Isshin Inudo had directed it. This movie tells a heartwarming story of two individuals with hopes and dreams of their own. One of them happens to be physically challenged. Everyone can imagine the challenges of a physically impaired person.

Even though they have the same dreams and aspirations, the simplest of tasks often becomes a challenge and it is harder to achieve anything of consequence. The outlook of their lives is drastically different from those people who have no impairment. In the story of Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish, the two individuals end up getting close to each other. The initial film was inspired by a novel written by Seiko Tanabe. Any anime fan must give this movie a chance.

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What is the plot?

The story begins with Tsuneo Suzukawa, who is a university student. He enjoys a comparatively easy lifestyle and works at a mah-jong parlor. One day while he is out walking his boss’s dog. He meets Kumiko, who cannot walk due to a disability. Her grandmother prefers to conceal this fact from the neighbors. Tsuneo becomes intrigued by Kumiko’s strong personality and her strength and decides to visit her again. Eventually, these two become friends.

When Tsuneo engages in a relationship with a fellow university student, Kumiko gets jealous. But eventually, they find their way back to each other. During one of their interactions, Kumiko introduces herself as Josee, a character from her favorite book. Tsuneo calls her Josee from then on. This film will have some brilliant music and beautiful visuals, the audience must watch it at least once.

When will it release?

The movie was supposed to release earlier, but that couldn’t happen due to the pandemic. Instead, the film is scheduled to come out on 25th December 2020.