JU-ON: Origins Season 1

The long-running Japanese horror franchise ‘Ju-On’isheaded to Netflix for a series titled Ju-On: Origins. Created by director ‘Takashi Shimizu’, the Ju-On franchise released its first film in the 2000s. Since then, a whopping seven further Japanese films are produced, including a crossover movie pitting Kayako from Ju-On against Sadako from the ring. Nearly 4 American Grudge films have also been released since 2004, the foremost in 2020, and therefore the first two directed by creator Shimizu.

Who is within the Ju-On: Origins? Cast:

There are only a couple of names released to the general public. We’ll be seeing Kana Kurashima, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, and YuinaKuroshima. We may or might not see any more characters than this. It might be possible that there’ll be a cameo by somebody renowned. It truly depends, but it’s quite sure to be getting them as our main cast.
While it’s been far more prolific in its native Japan than in the U.S., there is no doubt that Ju-On/The Grudge has been on the serious note within the horror genre for 20 years now. With a movie striking American screens earlier this year, and Netflix’s Ju-On: Origins seems coming soon, it wouldn’t appear that Ju-On’s curse goes anywhere anytime soon. It isn’t too surprising to ascertain, Netflix getting involved with the team either. Most of its best original series are horror-based, and its choice of programs targeting ‘Asian’ audiences keeps growing.

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JU-ON Origins Season 1
Source: Netflix

Despite Netflix having just confirmed Ju-On: Origins’ existence to the portal on May 12, 2020, fans won’t need to wait long in the queue for the various chilling horrors it contains.Ju-On: Origins will arrive on July 3, 2020, barely over a month from this writing. It’s unclear on what percent of episodes the series will run, and whether or not further seasons are planned if the response to Ju-On: Origins is positive.

According to the official synopsis released by Netflix, Ju-On: Origins is taking an ingenious approach to expanding this long-running franchise to TV. Ju-On: Origins takes place upon a world where the permit exists, but it’s inspired by true events that happened over multiple decades, and “the truth is even more terrifying.”