Julie and the Phantoms Season 1

Julie and the Phantoms Season 1

Originally, Julie e os Fantasmas was a Brazilian series. It was a musical with drama and adventure. Paula Knudsen, Fabio Danesi, and Tiago Mello created the series which was released back in 2011. Apart from the Brazilian channel, the show also aired on Nickelodeon. The season was divided into two parts, the first part was shown in 2011 and the next part followed in 2012. This Brazilian show was hugely popular and it was awarded “the best Children’s program”. Now, Netflix is going to adapt the series and release a music-driven series with the English name “Julie and the Phantoms”.

Fans will be delighted to know that none other than Kenny Ortega will be directing the show. He is known for his work on High School Musical and he will also act as an executive producer for “Julie and the Phantoms”. The first season will have 9 episodes with each episode spanning for about half an hour. Dan Cross and Dave Hoge are the showrunners of the show and they are also in the team of executive producers with George Salinas. Paul Becker and Kenny Ortega will be involved with the choreography.

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Apart from Kenny,  the team of directors will include Kabir Akhtar, Paul Becker, and Kristin Hanggi.

What is the story?

The plotlines follow a high school student called Julie. She was passionate about music but the death of her mother changed her, and she lost her interest in music. But her life changes when the ghost of three musicians visit her. They appear in her mother’s studio and slowly but surely she gets back her passion for music and starts to write songs and sing again. With the boys, she decides to form a band, and names it “Julie and the phantoms”. It is a heartwarming show about managing life’s ups and downs.

When will the show release?

It is announced that the show “Julie and the Phantoms” will be released on 10th September 2020. It is a Netflix original series. The episodes aren’t lengthy so the viewers will probably finish the first season quickly.