Kakegurui Season 3

Kakegurui is a Japanese action and gambling anime series. Just like most of the anime, this series is also an adaptation of a Japanese manga. The graphic novel, Kakegurui, is the basis of the anime series. The animated series, released in September 2017, in Japan. For the international audience, Netflix acquired the license to stream the series.

Kakegurui received numerous spin-offs. One of the most popular spin-offs is Kakegurui -Twins. The second season released on January 8, 2019, in Japan. However, the series released on June 13, 2019, on Netflix. Both the seasons of the show managed to maintain their place in the hearts of the fans.

Kakegurui Cast:

The story revolves around Hyakkaou Private Academy. It is an elite school. Many children from influential families attend school. However, academics are not a criterion for hierarchy, but preferably gambling is. Students have to contribute to the student body. Students freely bet with one another with all their fortune. Those who win, get themselves amongst the elite class. But those who lose, become the house pet of the winners. These house pets are the slaves of these winners.

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These slaves have to clear their debts by the end of the graduation. Those who fail to clear it, receive, ‘life schedule’. In this, the winners of the gamble determine their future. Yumeko Jabami is the protagonist of the story. She is a beautiful girl with an unusual instinct for gambling. Where the other students gamble because of monetary gains, she gambles for sheer pleasure and thrill. She unveils the scam in the gambling, thus disrupting the whole system of the school.

Kakegurui Season 3:

The producers recently released the second season of the series. The show undoubtedly gained a huge fan following.  However, the producers of the show have not confirmed about the third season of the show yet. But, looking at the ending of the second season, it is pretty clear that, the third season is round the corner.

Kakegurui Cast/Voice:

  • Hayami, Saori as Jabami, Yumeko
  • Tanaka, Minami as Saotome, Mary
  • Tokutake, Tatsuya as Suzui, Ryouta
  • Fukuhara, Ayaka as Igarashi, Sayaka
  • Ise, Mariya as Ikishima, Midari
  • Egawa, Hisao as Kiwatari, Jun
  • Sugita, Tomokazu as Manyuda, Kaede