Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Written and illustrated by Sumito Ōwara, it is a Japanese animation series. An anime television franchise adaptation by Science Saru premiered from early 2020 to March 2020. From April to May 2020, a live-action television series was broadcast. A film adaptation is set to release this year, full of live-action.

A Closer Look At The Plotline.

Midori Asakusa desires to publish an anime, but her fear comes in the way. She encounters Tsubame Mizusaki by random coincidence, an up-and-coming socialite secretly dreaming of becoming an animator. The energetic trio started the “Eizouken” club together with Midori’s money-loving best friend Sayaka Kanamori and slowly worked towards making their “greatest world” a reality.


  • Midori Asakusa
  • Sayaka Kanamori
  • Tsubame Mizusaki
  • Parker Dōmeki
  • Sowande Sakaki
  • Mr. Fujimoto

Fans claim Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! As the best anime

And here’s why!

Based on Sumito Ōwara war’s manga, it follows the lives of three high-school girls trying to create their anime.

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The nerdy Midori Asakusa, the exuberant Tsubame Mizusaki, and the deadpan Sayaka Kanamori constitute the main cast. Despite the over-the-top wishes of her parents, Asakusa is dedicated to creating a fictional world through an anime, Mizusaki just wants to work on an anime, and Kanamori wishes to see it happen. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is a special show because it depicts the importance of anime in bringing various lives together.

With Asakusa being obsessed with the classic anime series Future Boy Conan, this series is also a love letter to anime as a whole. This is one of the earliest works by Hayao Miyazaki, based on Alexander Key’s American novel, The Incredible Tide. It’s also an incredibly popular series of anime-working individuals, from Shinji Aramaki to Sunao Katabuchi to Hiroyuki Imaishi, to name a few.

So having Asakusa nerd out during a school showing over Future Boy Conan to Kanamori is more about how real-world animators feel about the show and that’s just great. Within the show, there are also some other undertones, as the trio always fights against the system to do what they want or have to defend themselves from individuals who would exploit them.