Keeping Faith Season 3

Keeping Faith Season 3

Matthew Hall has created the thriller television series called Keeping Faith. Vox Pictures produced the series and it premiered on S4C on 5th November 2017. This thriller series has two seasons until now. The series is both filmed in Welsh and English. The show was named “Un Bore Mercher” (One Wednesday Morning) in Welsh but it was renamed to “Keeping Faith” and was broadcasted on BBC Welsh in 2018. The show had gained immense popularity in Wales and created a massive fan following.
It also received a lot of praise from the critics and the Guardian had even compared it to Big Little Lies. This diamond in the rough show was a hit with the viewers.

What is the story about?

Season 1 had eight episodes with each episode stretching for about an hour. The series is about Faith Howells, a lawyer, wife, and mother, whose life changes forever when her husband disappears on the way to work. As Faith tries to solve the mystery, she gets to know all kinds of things about her husband. She’s convinced that it is not a simple disappearance case. As she looks for clues and tries to protect her family, she also develops feelings towards Steve Baldini. He is a client of her law firm who helps her find her husband. She slowly unearths the secret dealings that led to her husband disappearing. On her journey to set everything right, Faith also gets arrested. Season one ended with Faith taking care of the problems and thinking that her issues were finished.

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Season 2 proves her wrong as this time Faith gets involved in a murder trial. Season 2 has a lot of subplots going on and it gets a bit messier than the previous season. Season 3 is expected to keep up with the audience’s expectations.

Release Date Keeping Faith Season 3?

Season 2 didn’t have as good reviews as season 1. There is no official announcement about the release date yet. But the viewership hasn’t dropped yet and season 3 has a lot of subplots to deal with. It will probably be released sometime around November 2020.


The cast for the show is
Eve Myles as Faith Howells
Bradley Freegard as Evan Howells
Mark Lewis Jones as Steve Baldini
Demi Letherby as Alys Howells
Lacey Jones as Megan Howells
Angeline Ball as Gael Reardon