Kengan Ashura Season 3

If you are a Japanese anime fan, the name of “KenganAshura” will not be unknown to you. KenganAshura, the anime series, is an honest adaptation of a manga with the same name. The manga is written by YabakoSandrovich. The director of the anime series is Seiji Kishi and the writer is Makoto Uezu.
The manga was so popular that fans wanted it to be turned into a series. There was an audience poll in Ura Sunday Magazine and the decision was sealed in 2015. The series reached Netflix on July 31st,2019.


The series is based on martial arts and it has some spectacular fight scenes. It brings to life the Edo period of Japan and the Gladiator arenas. One of the main characters of the show, Yamashita Kazuo, finds himself entangled in the gladiator matches which are mostly organized by wealthy businessmen and merchants. Kazuo happens to see a mysterious fight in an alley one day. One of the fighters is TokitaOhma, who is also called “Ashura”. His amazing and formidable skills catch everyone’s eye.
The story follows Kazuo and Ohma(scouted by Nobi Group CEO) as they join the “KenganZetsumei Tournament” and hope for the ultimate goal of achieving the spot of the chairman of Kengan Organization.

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When will Season 3 release?

The pandemic has affected every part of the economy very badly and the anime industry is not spared. The KenganAshura Season 3 is estimated to be released on Netflix in July 2020. The fans must be patient as there is no specific news yet. Due to the Coronavirus, it may be delayed. Realistically, it may even be postponed to 2021. However, the enigma of OhmaTokita is surely worth waiting for.


The anime is dubbed over in English. The cast of the English voices of the show is as follows:
• Kaiji Tang – TokitaOhma
• Bryce Papenbrook – Cosmo
• Erika Harlacher – Akiyama
• Jake Green – Jun Sekibayashi
• Jonah Scott – Lihito
• Keith Silverstein – Kazuo
• Michael C. Pizzuto – Hideki
• Todd Haberkorn – Setsuna