Killer Siblings Season 2

Oxygen is at the very top when it comes to consistent real crime. The NBCUniversal channel delivers fresh and new material to its audiences every month, including during the pandemic. Such a series is ‘Killer Siblings’ which broadcast their first season last year. Oxygen has a real-life crime series.

A close look at the show 

‘Killer Siblings’, as its name implies, follow the stories of real siblings with the instincts of a murderer. This first season dealt with numerous cases including the brothers Stovall, Bondurant’s twins, the brother’s Carr, the siblings of Gustafson. Killer Siblings provides exclusive interviews with authorities and reports from victims ‘ families to encourage viewers to take a closer look at the minds of the siblings who joined forces to perpetuate some of the most terrible murders.

The plotline of the show

Killer Siblings Season 2
Source: MEAWW

More tales of dangerous siblings, like the following, will follow during the second season of ‘Killer Siblings’ The misappropriation of one sibling’s family money causes the other Hawes siblings to take vengeance. The episode tells of the escalating aggressions that have led disgusting siblings to kill their eldest brother via first-hand interviews with police officers and family members and local DA officials. The Fryer friends abduct and rape a 13-year-old girl who miracles to live after the Fryer brothers murdered a group of teenagers. The destructive and violent siblings are brought to justice in an intense tale of a survivor who puts her life on track to locate her abductors. An unscrupulous sibling compels her brother to kill her former boyfriend. Detectives challenge the various unexplained homicide around the Suh family with abrupt twists and turns.

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What can we expect from the new set of episodes?

This year, Oxygen is premiering ‘Killer Siblings’ second season with even more interesting stories from siblings who have been trapped in a lies web with red paws. In the confusion of manipulative brothers and sisters blinded by manipulation and vengeance, psychologists, detectives, and researchers audiences. Read about the second season to learn more.

Date of premiere 

Season 2 ‘Monster Siblings’ premiere at 6/5c on Oxygen on Saturday, 7 November. Twelve episodes will be in the second season.