Kimone Jihen Episode 7

Returning to Kemone Jihen Shiki remembered his past when hanging out with his mother. But I don’t remember how he broke up with his mother. He thought something bad had happened, but on the last day he saw his mother, he turned into a monster. Later, Akira and Kabane go somewhere on an important mission. Mihai updated the situation over the phone.

He informs them that he has hacked into the building’s security system and that they must hurry because Shiki is in danger. Both decided to look for the entrance to the building but met Momoka. He called Kabane and Akira to spy on some mice. Inside the building, Shiki faces a female mosquito. He thought it was better to run as mosquitoes couldn’t see him.

Release date:

Kemone jihen Episode 7 will air on Sunday, February 21, 2021, at 22:00 JST.

Where can you see Kemone Jihen season 1 online?

The anime episodes coincide with original Japanese audio and English subtitles from Funimation (North America and the British Isles), AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand), and Wakanim (Scandinavia). German and French translated versions are broadcast via Wakanim.

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Kemone Jihen Episode 7 Spoilers !!!

Episode 6 starts exactly where Episode 5 ends. Shiki is paralyzed with fear and has memories of his mother. She doesn’t remember when and how she was separated from him. And because he forgot, it only meant that something bad must have happened. Meanwhile, Mihai informs Kabane and Akira that he accidentally informed Kanong’s sister about Shiki’s presence. When Kabane and Akira go to his girlfriend, they confront Momoka. However, Kabane easily handled it.

Once inside the building, Shiki finally overcomes his fear of Mihai’s obsession and after mistaking Erica’s senses for his sweat, he manages to trap her in his web. He remembers Inugami telling him that he found some information about Shiki’s parents, but Shiki refuses to listen and says he is happy at the agency. The day after the incident, a television broadcaster reported that Bugbite Electronics was being investigated for violating overtime. Cabane suddenly remembered Conn and walked over to him. The episode ends when Shiki asks Inugami to tell him about his parents. In Episode 7, Shiki’s story can be explored further. Inari was able to come a second time after Kabane Rock.