Kindred Spirits


Do you like old, ghost-like houses with dark secrets? Join ghost warriors in the spirit of channel travel relatives and visit exciting haunted destinations to investigate paranormal activity. The show originally debuted at Destination America on 21 October 2016. The following season was quickly updated and premiered on TLC on 15 September 2017. For the third season, the reality show moved to the Travel Channel, where it aired in January 2019.

The average episode is 45 minutes where we meet a new family in each episode. What sets this show apart from other horror series is that in addition to investigating prevailing paranormal activity, the host conducts a comprehensive historical study of the home and family. There’s more to the show than just being afraid of tactics. Each episode is a completely new plot of drama and family story and has something for unbelievers. No unnecessary screams and accusations of Satan’s presence. The hosts try their best to thoroughly investigate the alleged incident.

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Kindred Spirits Season 5 Aired Date

The season 4 premiere of “Kindred Spirits” on January 3, 2020 on “Travels” ends with its 13th episode on March 27, 2020. Kindred Spirits is a consistent artist on Travel and has had solid reviews and hits from audiences throughout its cycle. So we see no reason for the channel to remove such brackets from its catalog. We are sure it will be operational soon for the new season. If extended, the fifth season of Kindred Spirits will premiere in January 2021.

Kindred Spirits Season 5 Cast

At the center of the show are Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, always on the lookout for bigger venues, scary houses, and scary historical locations. Two very calm and rational hosts also added to the charm of the spirit of the relatives. This story of betrayal, injustice and death has given us a foothold with investigators. We want them to find out the truth. We want to help. The combination of history, travel and paranormalities makes the souls of relatives unique.
Adam admitted to having had a troubled childhood. Her interest in psychics is based on her own experiences. He attended Ghost Hunters Academy to win a place with Ghost Hunters in 2010.

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Amy’s first paranormal encounter occurred when she was six years old. Her family encouraged her to accept her relationship with the spirit world rather than live in fear. He joined Ghost Hunters in 2007 and turned his passion into a full-time job.

Chip Kofi, a brilliant mental and spiritual environment, makes the series a little fun. Sometimes the appearance is very attractive and the dynamics of the host is something you should pay attention to. Season 5, if updated, will continue to monitor the crew as it investigates several other haunted locations within and around the country.