Kingdom Chapter 664

This manga from the last chapter, the intense war between Qin and Zhao on the boundary increases to the top. The Gaku-Ka Army and the Gyoku-Hou Army entered between Qin and Zhao. Zhao was also shocked by the revolution in Gaku-Ka’s army and there was a man from the Moubu army. Deputy General Aisen lowered the enemy’s head as he approached. Zhao and Hi-Shin’s unit decided to withdraw. Ri Shin said they had a fight because of the hole that Shusha left.

Hi-Shin got together and tried to find a solution to their problem when they retreated. They need the help of a strong guide and they believe that this is the Kyoukai. Garo understands that Kyokai has been a limitation always since he protected Shin in the Shukai plains. Shin met with Kyoukai and they talked about the war and he left him alone to rest. Then he had a nightmare about the battle. Let’s find out how the fighting continues with the retreating troops below.

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Kingdom Chapter 664 Release Date and Recap

Kingdom will be released on Sunday December 13, 2020. The manga releases a new chapter every Saturday or Sunday if it is delayed. The final round of the kingdom has been postponed; it can happen with the next one. Let’s learn more about the kingdom below.

Previously, Chapter 663 of the Kingdom

On the battlefield, the Commander of the Gakuka Army ordered the 4th Division to retreat and kill his enemies. The soldiers continued to pluck heads and the forest was full of corpses. Guy Coe went to Headquarters with information about the Allied soldiers he had noticed during the battle. Karyo Ten is happy that Gikou gave them the news at the right time and Shin is angry that they came back. Gikou revealed that he heard a strange rumor and Shin asked him something. Giku reveals that the soldiers have seen something on the battlefield in the last few days. Shin and the others think it’s a ghost, and Gikouu reveals that he is Commander Kyoukai.

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Shin was shocked to learn that the commander was on the bed and he couldn’t move. Gikou reveals everything that happened during the fight that shocked Shin and the others. He also realized how the enemy had realized his weakness and lured them into the forest where they had an advantage. In the forest, soldiers hear To-n Tan-Tan. The enemy was surprised that he summoned them himself. They realized that he was someone else who dressed like a Kyoukai. It was Kuku who said to hurry up and take him to the younger Kyoukai.

Where To Stare??

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