Saint Seiya

This animated series is based on a manga series named Saint Seiya. Masami Kurumada was the creator of the series. This web series is directed by Yoshiharu Ashino. Many of the anime fans were a bit skeptical when Netflix stated that it wanted to remake the 80s classic “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac”. But some people were expecting this remake to be one of the best things created by Toei Animation Studio. Like just any other project, some people were not sure how good this remake would be with respect to the plot and characters. Saint Seiya proved to be a good thing after its release and now many fans are interested in watching the next season.

But for anime lovers who are familiar with the original work, the faults were evident. But this series is really not that bad. It has not been a total disaster, a fact that even the fans of the original are bound to admit. For the young generation, who are not familiar with the original wor, the anime will retain its appeal.

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Will there be a third season?

Netflix has not made any official announcement s yet so it is too early to say anything for sure about the release date of Saint Seiya season3. But if one looks at the popularity of the show and the fan response, the show should be renewed for another installment. There is a huge cult following and the next season, if it is ever made, will be a success. If Netflix greenlights the renewal, the third season might come out next year.

What about non-Japanese fans?

Not to worry because there is a great English dub available on Netflix for the non-Japanese fans. But the original version is also available on Netflix as well as on Crunchyroll.

The cast of the show

The voice actors of the show include-

Emily Neves as Sienna Kiddo

Bryson Baugus as Pegasus Seiya

Patrick Poole as Cygnus Magnus

Blake Shepard as Dragon Long