Renault K-ZE

Renault K-ZE Preview

The Renault K-ZE is basically a production version of the Kwid EV, which was presented at this year’s Auto Expo in February. Prior to its debut in India, the car was first presented at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show in China. The modern K-ZE is based on the Kwid CMF-A outlet. Although the electric version is limited to the Chinese market, it is valued in other world markets such as Europe. However, the automaker will never release an EV there before 2021.

Renault K-ZE Price

Renault K-ZE price is expected to be Rs. 10.0 lakh.

The expected launch date for the Renault K-ZE

29th January 2021 is the Expected launch date of Renault K-ZE.

Comparison of Renault K-ZE & Renault Kwid

Compared to the regular Renault Kwid, the City K-ZE electric car has undergone several changes to the basics of the electric motor and battery. The electric sunroof has a 33 kW motor tuned to a maximum torque of 120 Nm. The car manufacturer also claims that the car can be charged using a standard 220V charging port as well as a plug-in charging point.

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Features of Renault K-ZE

The City K-ZE EV can be charged up to 80% in fast charging mode in just 50 minutes. On the other hand, slow charging mode takes at least four hours to fully charge the battery. The company also claims that the estimated range of an electric vehicle when fully charged is about 150 miles.

Specifications of Renault K-ZE

Aesthetically, the Renault City K-ZE is very much similar to the little Kwid car. In addition, it occupies several elements of the conceptual version. The company slightly modified the grille with a large diamond logo on the front. The design is complemented by elegant yet sharp LED headlamps. The Kwid EV also uses a separate headlight design which is becoming very popular. The profile of this SUV is reinforced with light, elegant wheels. The City K-ZE offers a lower ground clearance of 150 mm compared to the Indian standard version.

Renault K-ZE Interior

In terms of interior space, the K-ZE EV’s cabin is identical to the Kwid with Indian specifications. It comes with an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system, 4G internet with navigation and voice control. The overall cabin layout also remains the same. However, K-ZE prefers a movable selector between the front seats rather than the center console, as seen in the AMT version of Kwid.