Equinox Season 1

A new and very interesting Danish Equinox teaser was released on Netflix. After watching the Equinox teaser, many fans of the German TV series Dark realized the similarities between the two storylines. And, fans asked if Equinox was a spin-off to Dark.

Release date of “Equinox”

The high-performance teaser unveiled on November 23 of “Equinox”. That reveals the setting for a new supernatural alternate reality thriller. This is the second Danish original Netflix series to be released worldwide on December 30, 2020.

Expected Plotline Of “Equinox”

Equinox tells the story of Astrid, a young woman who mysteriously disappeared without a trace in 1999. When she was 9 years old, along with her sister and other elderly people. Astrid is shocked by the disappearance of her sister, who is tormented by nightmares and gruesome fantasies.
In 2020, Astrid lives a quiet life with her family and works as a radio host until late at night. As you can see from the teaser, no outsiders call her, saying that she has a different dimension. “There is another reality. There is a different reality behind what we live in. I was there, Astrid, ”he said. Most importantly, the anonymous caller knows why his sister disappeared. “I know what happened next,” he said before he was disturbed. He is one of only three who survived his disappearance in 1999. Astrid’s nightmare returns. Now she has decided to understand the truth, but it will darken her, alarm her, and include in it in a way she cannot imagine.

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Reviews From Fans

For fans of the German TV series Dark, which ended this summer with one of the sweetest endings in the history of the series. This plot start will feel very familiar. The darkness also begins with the mysterious disappearance of young children. Finding missing children first leads to time travel between different timelines and finally to discoveries in another dimension.
Many fans of the German series are very excited about this new series. One Twitter fan shouted, “Looks good! The dark atmosphere is strong. Few glimpse the new series as another extent of the Dark One’s film world (this is not like the “Netflix Holiday Movie Universe” that gives rise to all the original vacation movies together). While others believe the new series is Season 4 of The Dark Ones. To be honest, the teaser actually has a specific depiction of the vernal equinox. IN which people in the forest look like cave entrances in the dark.

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Equinox can be the perfect TV show to fill the big and dark voids of the streaming world. For those who love complex stories across different timelines and dimensions. It was released worldwide via Netflix on December 30th.