Kud Wafter

VisualArt back in 2017 announced about the possibilities of the anime adaption of the manga. It is almost 3 years since the announcement. Will we receive the anime this year? The answer lies in the article. Read on. Kud Wafter is a Japanese adult graphic novel. The novel released on June 25, 2010, for Windows. Key is the developer of Kud Wafter. The game later released for PlayStation Portable. The creators removed the erotic content from the game. The game was a hit on the release. It managed to be the best selling PC game in Japan. VisualArt, looking at its popularity, decided to adopt it as an anime series, in 2017.

Kud Wafter Game Plot:

Kud Wafter revolves around the decision of the player. The player assumes the role of Riki Naoe. The game has multiple endings, and those depend on the choices made by the player. The game follows a narrative, where the player has to choose how they want the story to progress. Their choices will determine the fate of their character. The story of the game revolves around the protagonist, Riki Naoe. The plot starts as the summer vacations start. All the characters have moved back home for the break.  However, Riki Naoe decides to stay at the school dormitory. Along with him is living, Kudryavka. During their vacation, they form a romantic relationship with each other.

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The male dormitory undergoes the renovation, leaving Riki with no place to stay. Kudryavka has no roommate. She invites Riki over to stay with her in her dormitory. Now, Riki and Kudryavka have to maintain secrecy from other dorm members, as boys are not allowed in their dorms.

Kud Wafter Anime Adaption:

VisualArt announced the adaptation of the game as an anime back in 2017. The company focused on raising  ¥30 million via crowd-funding. The funds raised to  ¥60 million.

After this, the producers decided to release the anime in September 2019. But, the date shifted because the producers decided to change the director of the anime. Now, according to some sources, the production has commenced. Finally, VisualArt announced the final date for the release of the anime. The anime show will release in sometime in September 2020.