La Línea Shadow of Narco

La Linea: Shadow of Narco is the name of a new documentary to be released on Netflix. The show will be focusing on the dark aspects of the area, mainly drug trafficking. The residents of the place have not responded well to the news of this documentary. The inhabitants of La Linea think that this show will give an unrealistic image of the place, it will not show the honest workers who continue to work. Netflix has recently announced the arrival of this documentary and the locals didn’t hold back their concerns. All the negative attention on the town will absolutely affect the economy and hamper the tourism prospects of the place. The miniseries will be premiering this year.

The streaming giant Netflix has commented that a lot of work has gone into the production of this show. The team of producers of “ La Linea: The Shadow of Narco” had arranged for about 81 interviews. The show is based on 336 hours of recording.

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All this research is done so that the show is successful to depict the reality of everyday life in this enclave. But La Linea has always had a bad reputation and promoting content that would focus only on the criminal aspects did not sit too well with the locals. There was even an organization of a petition to stop the show and ban it from the platform. The petition has managed to gather 1000 supporters.

When will the documentary be released?

“La Linea: Shadow of Narco” was initially to be called “La Linea: La Sombra del Narco”.  The show, which is going to explore the beach town responsible for converting the country of Europe into a location of drug trafficking, will be released on 9th September 2020. There is no official trailer yet. Viewers who are interested in investigative series will definitely enjoy watching La Linea.

Who will be in the cast of the documentary?

As it is a documentary, the show will have no fixed cast as such.