La Revolution Season 1

When will La Revolution be released on Netflix?

The highly anticipated French series La Revolution is coming to Netflix this year. Yet, an exact date has not been confirmed by Netflix. However, the streaming giant has confirmed that the series will premiere in October 2020. In one go the entire series will be released. So the history fans can binge-watch the drama in one go.

What is La Revolution on Netflix about?

On Netflix, La Revolution is about re-imagining of the French Revolution. Between 1789 and 1799, the French Revolution took Place which ends with the overthrow of the monarch and the establishment of a republic. This French horror historical drama is told through the eyes of Joseph Guillotin, who was a politician, physician, and freemason, and also a member of King Louis XVI’s states General Assembly. There is an infection leading the society in the La Revolution series to murder the common people of France which Guillotin tries to cure. In October 1789 he proposed a device that is used to carry out the death penalty to avoid painful executions. He even discovers a new virus named Blue Blood. The start of the revolt is the disease spreads within the aristocracy and pushes the nobility to attack the people.

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Let’s have a look over the casts of La Revolution:

• Amir El Kacem
• Marilou Aussilloux
• Isabel Aime Gonzalez Sola
• Lionel Erdogan
• Julien Frison
• Doudou Masta
• Dimitri Storoge
• Amelia Lacquemant
• Coline Beal
• Laurent Lucas
• Gaia Weiss
• Chiara Tantimonaco
• Nina Tantimonaco
• Pierre Andrau
• Philippine Martinot
• Jeremie Covillault

Is there a trailer for Netflix La Revolution?

Netflix had released a short trailer for La Revolution. On July 14th, 2020 a short clip has been released. As July 14 is the day the French celebrate Bastille Day so the choice of date is deliberate.
The trailer does not disclose very much about the forthcoming series but the clip is full of French Historical and cultural sources. We will see in the background of the whole trailer is a decapitated white marble head of the French gentleperson with blue blood sprinkling out of its eyes and lips.