La Revolution Season 2

La Revolution of Netflix is an adaptation of the French Revolution. The historical horror television show Aurelien Morales explores the relationship between the common people and the nobility. The first season of the TV show aired on October 16, 2020, with the first season finally ending. The show is expected to continue into its second season.

In 1787, a mysterious viral disease broke out that made the blood of the nobility and elite blue. Infected people are killed and insulted by the public. The show reacts to the gruesome theme with a lot of violence, murder and carnage. The revolution isn’t messy, but if bloody scenes don’t bother you, this alternative history film is for you. Will this show have a second season? Read on to find out.

La Revolution Season 2 Aired Date

As previously mentioned, the first season will air on October 16, 2020. The first season available on Netflix consists of 8 episodes. The story ended with the finale of the first season, but opened the way for the second season. If the series runs into a new season, it will likely air until the last quarter of 2021.

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La Revolution Season 2 Plot

We assume that La Revolution will be announced for an update soon. An alternative view on the French Revolution, the plot of season one, tells the story of Joseph discovering an infection that simulates vampire symptoms. The infected aristocrat became immortal, literally had blue blood, and plundered ordinary people. At the end of the first season, the people revolt and take over the city. We saw Joseph and all the other victims going outside to make new livelihoods for each other.

We also saw that the virus creation was not over; he recruited a woman with magical powers. What his plans will be revealed next season as he is glad the fight has just started. The next season will definitely start from the previous season when the show resumes. If you want to learn more about the rankings from the first season you can check them out on our website. It is available here.

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Cast of La Revolution Season 2

“La Révolution” includes a broad role that includes Marilou Aussilloux as Elise de Montargis, a woman of nobility and nobility who sympathizes with the problems of the common people. Amir El Katzem also plays Joseph-Ignas Guillotine, a doctor with a strong desire to do justice. Other actors include Gaya Weiss as Marian, Lionel Erdogan as Albert Guillotine, Laurent Lucas as Charles de Montargis and Julien Frison as Donatien de Montargis; In season two, we hope most of the main cast returns.

Trailer La Revolution Season 2

So far, the trailer for the second season hasn’t been released yet. But here we have the trailer for the first season. You can look at it to understand the basic concept of the series.