Laid Back Camp Season 2

As it is with most anime series, Laid Back Camp was a manga series originally. The manga series was created bu Afro. The Laid Back Camp has another name in Japanese- Yurukyan. The amazing manga was published back in 2015. It became an instant hit in Japan and then C-station made planned for its anime adaptation. The first season of the Laid Back Camp came out on 4th January 2018. The opening theme of the anime is created by Asaka and it is named “Shiny Days”. The ending theme is called “Fuyubiyori”. It is designed by Eri Sasaki. The first season of the series has ended long back, so the fans are waiting for more content. After the end of the first season, there have been some special episodes and anime lovers were all delighted. The second season was also confirmed back then and a film was also announced.

What is the story about?

The plot is not very complicated but rather sweet and innocent. The show doesn’t intend to disturb its audience by featuring sinister plotlines. Instead of that, this is a slice of life anime and it fulfills its task nicely. Even though Rin is young, she is still different from people her own age. She is not shown to be very materialistic. All of Rin’s peers prefer exotic vacations with their families while Rin is content to spend her free time at the base of Mount Fuji. Rin prefers her own company and enjoys camping alone even though she has to do everything herself.

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One day, Rin comes of help to a lost girl named Nadeshiko and offers her shelter in her tent. The girl later says that she was on her way to Mount Fuji too but got separated from her sister because she fell asleep. Coincidentally, she had found Rin and sought her help.

When will the next part release?

This lighthearted anime has many fans so everyone is expecting another season. According to recent reports, the next installment will be released in early 2021.