Alaska the Last Frontier

Alaska the Last Front represents the Kilcher clan’s life as they live outside Holmer.  

In the chilliest territories in the United States, the Kilcher family has its own proportion of problems. In 2020 the wells have been even beyond the continental USA. The “Alaska Last Frontier” channel of Discovery Channel returns Sunday, 25 Oct., to its tenth season and is another, unless one thing is in Homer. (And yes, Coronavirus is one of those things — it’s even far away.)

This year, beyond COVID, the Kilcher family has to face wildfires, the dead animals, a local bear, the deprivation of sleep, some gnarly wounds – all this is one thing. Besides the first date we have just dropped, TheWrap also has your first glimpse of everything insanity. See the “super tease” of Season 10 through the above video.

Alaska the Last Frontier returns to Season 10 after almost a hundred episodes!

On the 25th of October 2020 at 8 pm, the show will return on the Discovery channel. AS / AS. The Kilcher Family films the 10th season. Just nine days before the series was produced because of the outbreak of COVID 19, the film crew had to evacuate and a family decided to take the production on their shoulders.

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What’s up for Alaska’s Last Frontier season 10?

The official Discovery Channel website shows: Jane is working to help the family’s freezer with fish and becomes the main supplier of meat this summer. She hunting the homestead during the pandemic this season. After seeing local residents struggling economically, Eve plans to build a huge summer garden to provide fresh fruit and vegetables. So that the supplies are for both the homestead and the food bank of Homer. In the meantime, August took a chance to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Yule, and document the unprecedented time on the camera.

For the Discovery Channel, Gretchen Morning, who is the coordinating producer, produces this exhibition together with Cameron Doyle.

When will Season 10 release?

Last Frontier Alaska Season 10 breaths of air on Sunday, Oct 25 at 8 p.m. And it will be available on Discovery Channel ET / PT.

Discovery Studios will be producing Alaska the Last Frontier, for Discovery Channel. Molly Mayock, Sandy Varo Jarrell, and Suzanne Rauscher are managing production companies for Discovery Studios. Gretchen Morning is a managing producer for Discovery Channel and Cameron Doyle is a manager.