Law & Order


Law & Order: A Special Victims Unit, First Law and Order Separation, is an American police television series that focuses on sex crimes. Although victims were often killed, this was not always the case and victims often played an important role afterward. Frequently these sequel practice articles are “seized from the headlines” or founded on actual frauds. Such episodes take real crimes and make up for them by changing the details. On 20th September 1999, the procession premiered on NBC and for its twenty-second season – November 12, 2020.

Law & Order About

A special victim unit in Manhattan delves into the dark side of New York’s underworld as detectives from a new elite force, the Special Victims Unit (SVU for short). Investigating and prosecuting a variety of sexually oriented crimes, including rape, pedophilia, and domestic violence. They also investigate child abuse, disabled people, and adult victims of non-sexual crimes which require a specialist while trying to balance the impact of the investigation on their own lives to keep the negative side of this crime from affecting you.

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The series received ninety-one nominations and won thirty-three awards. Mariska Hargitai became the first regular cast member in the series Law and Order to win an Emmy Award when she won the 2006 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series. As of December 3, 2020, one hundred and eighty-one episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit have broadcasted.