Reza Rahadian Samir

About Layla Majnun:

Extent being in Azerbaijan, Layla who is an Indonesian philosopher falls in affection with Samir who is a swain of her chore. But her spell intervenes between the two.
Layla Majnun is stimulated by the legendary story of Leila Majnun by Nizami Ganjavi.

• STATUS: Post Production
• PREMIERES: February 11, 2021
• RUNTIME: 119 mins
• DIRECTOR: Monty Tiwa
• WRITER: Alim Sudio (story)
• COUNTRY: Indonesia
• LANGUAGE: Indonesian
• STUDIO: Starvision Plus
• GENRES: Drama, Romance
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• Data source: TMDB

Casts In The Series:

• Reza Rahadian Samir
Reza Rahadian Matulesi is an Indonesian actor who after playing a role in Perempuan Berkalung or Turban. Born in Bogor, he practiced acting in high school and made his feature film debut in 2004.

• Acha Septriasa
Jelita Septriasa, also better known by the name as Acha Septriasa. She is an Indonesian actress. Apart from being a actress, she is also a singer from Minangkabau.

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• Layla
• Baim Wong
Mohamed Ibrahim also better known as Baim Wong. He is an actor as well as an entrepreneur Also he is a contributor to varied Chinese and Sundanese nationalities.

• Ibnu Salam
Abdullah ibn Salam, born al-Husayn ibn Salam, was a friend of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a Jew who converted to Islam. He took part in the conquest of Syria and Palestine but died in Medina.

• Dian Nitami
• Beby Tsabina
• Uli Herdinansyah
• Natasha Rizki
• Eriska Rein
• Landung Simatupang
• August Melasz
• Chantiq Schagerl
• Cut Ashifa
• Aida Cabiyeva
• Murad Ismayil
• Nadya Arina
• Augie Fantinus

Genres In Layla Majnun:

• Indonesian Movies
• Dramas
• Romantic Movies
• Romantic Dramas

About The Film:

This movie is…
• Understated
• Heartfelt
• Emotional
• Feel-Good
• Romantic